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Más que una empresa de transporte

Goglex, una empresa logistica que opera en más de 200 paises alrededor del mundo proporcionando el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes.


Goglex is a logistics operator which brings out the best of each of our partners to efficiently deliver goods in the geographical area that they operate in. It relies on a team of professionals who are specialised in making detailed selections in each area to ensure the efficient distribution of deliveries to each of our clients.

Goglex performs company audits to redirect logistics, with lower costs and excellent customer service. Our experience makes us understand logistics as a reference model, a mechanism that acts as a way of thinking that gets ahead of numerous variables in order to minimise uncertainty in making deliveries.

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A brief company history

Good & Global Express SLU (Goglex) forms, together with Servicios Industriales Grins 2007, SL and Todaquimia SL, a business group that was founded in 2006. Goglex is the initiative of a group of people with a long history in the national and international transport sector, and the aim of bringing experience and a breath of fresh air to the logistics sector, combining their abilities to offer any type of logistics solution, such as the storage (also ADR goods), handling and distribution of any type of product.

Goglex is the only company in Castellón that is legally prepared to store ADR products.